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“Rouse Roll Balloons offer to reconfigure your most valuable film balloon assets into new forms.  Those new forms will provide greater value to your customers and greater profits to you. Guaranteed!”

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Rouse Pre-Linked ROLL Balloon logo/iconTHE TIME HAS COME FOR

This new class of balloons will provide greater value to your customers and greater profits to you. Guaranteed!

If you missed the introduction to what Roll Balloons are, we recommend you pause now and read, “Rolling Out Roll Balloons”.  It will get you “up to speed”.



We could offer you a money back guarantee, but since you haven’t spent any money, that wouldn’t amount to much.  We DO offer you the guarantee of some simple logic.

  1. When you offer your retail customers more value for their money, they are more likely to buy from you.
  2. When you can provide that greater value at current margins or better, your profits are likely to increase.



When you offer your retail customers more value for their money, they are more likely to buy from you.  Roll balloons enable you to give your customers more value for their money.

You can learn details about that greater value for balloon consumers in the earlier article: ROLL BALLOONS – Consumer Advantages, but here is a summary;

  • BIGGER – Even when Roll Balloons are comprised of the same number and sizes of balloons as more traditional clusters, Roll Balloons give bigger displays because they stretch out and face the viewer.
  • EASIER –  Roll Balloons are easier to 1. Inflate, 2. Assemble, 3. Transport, 4. Install and 5. Buy.  This is because they are already assembled into strings, inflate all at once, resist tangling, set easily into place and will be conveniently available to buy from you.
  • FASTER – At each point where Roll Balloons are easier they are also faster.  They take less consumer time to 1. Inflate, 2. Assemble, 3. Transport, 4. Install and 5. Buy.  Consumers get a greater return on their investment of time as well as money.
  • LONGER LASTING – Arches and garlands made from any film balloons naturally 1. Last much longer than those made from latex balloons. Film balloon arches and garlands configured as Rouse Roll balloons have 2. An even longer useful life, because they are so easily refreshed by adding gas to all balloons at once.
  • REPEATING VALUE  — Roll Balloons may be easily deflated and rolled up for reuse later. They give repeated value for one investment in balloons.

When you provide advantages like these to your customers, you are offering greater value and encouraging customers to come to you to get it.



When you can provide greater value to your customers at current margins or better, your profits are likely to increase.  Roll balloons will enable you to provide that greater value at your current margins or better.

  • BALLOON COSTS –  Roll Balloon configurations generally require approximately the same amount of film as their single balloon cousins.  Roll Balloons will likely require a little more effort in packaging, but overall less packaging will be required, because more balloons will be sold as a single unit (arch or garland).  Your cost per balloons should remain very close to the same.
  • LABOR COSTS – Your labor costs per balloon sold will go down.  If you were to sell a Roll Balloon arch of just five balloons, you simply unroll the balloons and inflate them all at once.  When the automatic valve cuts off, you are done with all five balloons. You do not have to start over on number two of four remaining balloons to be individually inflated and tied, etc.
  • DISPLAY COSTS – Your requirements for shelf or display rack space will remain about the same.  The packages will be a little thicker but have the same face size.  Live display space requirements will go up a bit so that you can display the whole arch or garland, but your labor costs for that display will be significantly less than a similar number of individual balloons.
  • AVERAGE SALE – Since each Roll Balloon contains multiple balloons, you can expect your average balloon sale to go up and your profits to go up with it.
  • UP SELL – Take advantage of both old and new “add-on” items to up sell your Roll Balloon customers.
    • Each Roll Balloon will come with standard anchors for the ends, whether they be simple weights, clips, sticky tabs or something else.  Offer upgrades to coordinated, decorative items.
    • Offer a selection of audio or light elements to be attached to the Roll Balloon.
    • Suggest a bow or a small latex balloon cluster.
    • Add a heart to the ends or as a center accent to the roll balloon to show that the honored guest at the event loves the topic portrayed in the repeated element of the arch or garland.
  • UPGRADE – With Roll Balloons you have the perfect segue to sell room or event decor rather than just an accent for the occasion.
    • Show customers valuable and economical Roll Balloon options to quickly and easily extend their decor around the whole room or event.
    • Point out your coordinated paper products and other coordinated decorator accessories.
    • Help your customer upgrade their event and you will simultaneously upgrade their view and satisfaction with your offerings.
    • Your satisfied customers with upgraded purchases will prove a valuable source of increased profits.



ROLL BALLOONS are not yet in general production and distribution. But, they can be and likely will be put into production and general distribution if you personally and YOU AS A GROUP OF READERS/RETALERS ask for them.

  • BEST SELLERS – Start with your best selling film balloon designs and ask for them in Roll Balloon configuration.  Just have your supplier contact us at gmr@rousetech.com for licensing. You know your customers like your most popular designs.  Customers should like them even better when they are BIGGER, EASIER, FASTER and LONGER LASTING.
  • DECOR – Follow up by asking for Roll Balloon designs that coordinate with paper products and popular decorating accessories that you also sell.
  • CUSTOM DESIGNS – If your have a large retail operation or are part of a larger buying group or retail chain, you may want to go ahead and have your own, custom Roll Balloons made. Contact us at gmr@rousetech.com. We can help you get the right license and locate production sources.



  • Share your desires, comments, questions, suggestions etc. with other readers and with us in the “Leave A Reply” section below. On some pages you must use the “Leave A Comment” link instead.
  • Use the convenient “SHARE LINKS” at the end of this article to spread the word about Roll Balloons and how their advantages could benefit you and others.
  • Then, subscribe to Updates from Balloons On A Roll blog at the top of the right hand column. You will receive email notification when new posts are made here. We will keep you informed.
  • And, feel free to write me directly at gmr@rousetech.com or call toll free
    1-877-GO-ROUSE       [1-877-467-6873].


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Your “Balloon Frame Rouse Matrix™, R-E-A-L™ balloon frame shapes, icon animationSuper Center™” with balloon frames in more sizes, shapes, grid patterns and proprietary APPS than anyone else in the Ballooniverse.(http://bvsmall.com)


Thanks for joining me here this time. I look forward to having you back again.

Until then, I remain your host for Balloons On A ROLL blog.

Graham Rouse
Rouse Technologies LLC
“Advancing The Art & Commerce Of Balloons Worldwide”
With Rouse Original Technologies
Clemson, SC USA.
email: gmr@rousetech.com

Copyright 2012-15 by Graham Rouse, Rouse Technologies LLC


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  1. Maureen Forman, CBA

    It concept is fascinating. Will you have a video showing how the inflate and how they look as an Arch.
    Also, is there a color chart. I see the various shapes…socceer balls and footballs, and assume a complete list will be available.
    Will you be displaying these at WBC?
    Now for the most important question…..pricing??
    Northbrook, Illinois

    1. admin

      Thanks for your comments and questions.
      ——– Nearly ANY balloon shape that you see on the market today CAN be produced in a roll balloon form with a series of those shapes repeated across an arch or garland.
      ——– NONE are in production or are being distributed in the USA YET (February 22, 2012). That is, there are none that I know about and none that are here legally except for a few prototype samples I have.
      ——– I expect that prices per balloon in a Roll Balloon configuration will be close to the same as they would be if purchased individually. Just the time and labor costs for using them will be significantly less than sets of individual balloons.
      ——– Roll Balloons inflate just like regular film balloons. You shoot the gas in with an automatic cut off regulator. When the regulator cuts off you are done. Only with Rouse Roll Balloons, you will have inflated 3, 5,10 or even 100 balloons at a time. And they will all be connected and spaced out properly. Nice, yes??!!
      ——– World Balloon Convention is a Pioneer Balloon Company event. Pioneer has many film balloon designs that would be wonderful in Roll Balloon configurations. There are, however, no such Roll Balloons YET.
      ——– Why don’t you suggest, right here in this comment section, those Pioneer balloon designs that YOU would most like to see as Roll Balloons? Then, follow up and let your Qualatex balloon supplier know of your interest.
      ——– You might even go that extra step further and post your wishes on balloonhq.com mail list and on the Qualatex Group on facebook (http://www.facebook.com/groups/17261393033/)
      ——– And, for your convenience there are the “SHARING LINKS” at the end of the article above and at the end of other posts here on http://rousetech.com/roll .


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