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“Rouse Roll Balloons offer professional decorators new tools that can make many forms of balloon decorating easier,  faster and more economical than ever before.

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Rouse Pre-Linked ROLL Balloon logo/iconTHE TIME HAS COME FOR

This new class of balloons offers professional decorators new tools that can make many forms of balloon decorating easier,  faster and more economical than ever before.

If you missed the introduction to what Roll Balloons are, we recommend you pause now and read, “Rolling Out Roll Balloons”. It will get you “up to speed”.



Most of the professional decorating businesses I know also have a retailer component to them.  Sometimes these businesses started as retail operations. Then, the owner discovered that there is good money and a great deal of personal satisfaction from creating decorations for events.

Other times, the business started as a decorator enterprise, maybe even from home.  As the business grew the owner discovered that supplies could be purchased wholesale with a retail license.  The retail side of the business may also have contributed to a broader client base for decorating jobs.

In either case, or your own unique case,  you may have a retailer component to your decorating business.  If so, we suggest that you read “Roll Balloons – Retailer Advantages” to help build that side of your business.



It is common for there to be a tension between the artistic and the business components of professional decorating.  Successful decorators make use of both.

Rouse Roll Balloons offer professional decorators new tools that can make many forms of balloon decorating easier,  faster and more economical than ever before.  And, they allow you to get professional looking results with helpers who have only minimal skills.  The profit potential of such tools is quickly grasped by business minds.

The benefits for artistic minds may be a little less obvious, but they are there in abundance.

  • If you choose, for instance, to use Roll Balloons simply as background to quickly fill a space with color and shapes, then you allow your artistic side more time and resources to create those amazing, decorative jewels that crown the event.
  • If you choose to invest more of your creative energy into the possibilities of this new class of balloon, then you have the potential to create magnificent spaces on a grander scale than would otherwise be possible within your usual budget constraints.  You could become known not only as an artistic decorator, but also as an esthetic architect for events.



  • You will find it easy to incorporate shorter roll balloons of  five to eleven thematic shapes and prints.  They will eventually become widely available in most of the licensed characters and themes you see on the market today.
  • You will find an even bigger contribution to “easy” in the form of  much longer Roll Balloons of basic shapes like hearts, stars, squares, diamonds, circles, crescents, stylized “S”s, etc.. These strings are ones you could literally roll out and cut to the length needed for your venue.
  • The most basic contribution to “easy” is the fact that even the longest of arches can be produced with only the minimum of skills.  Just unroll a string of Roll Balloons and inflate them all at once with an automatic regulator.  Whether you use air, nitrogen or helium; your task is accomplished with miniscule effort compared to inflating all those balloons as individuals and then carefully spacing them and tying them onto some base line so that they all face in the proper direction.



When each of the tasks above is made easier with Roll Balloons it is also made faster.  Whether you are

  • assembling short strings of thematic shapes and prints
  • constructing large garlands, arches or backdrops or
  • defining sculptured spaces in your venue;

you can get the job done at lightening speeds compared to inflating all those balloons as individuals and then carefully spacing them and tying them onto some base line so that they all face in the proper direction.



  • With Roll Balloons you get the economy of “Easier”.  With “Easier” you increase confidence and minimize stress.  You reduce the wear and tear on you, your staff and your customer.
  • The “Easier” of Roll Balloons also brings the economy of minimum skill requirements.
    • You greatly enlarge your possible pool of workers and it becomes so much easier and more economical to fill those “helper” slots, even at the last minute when someone is sick or just does not show up.
    • You also get the economy of lower labor costs, because lower skill requirements are generally accompanied by lower pay.
  • With Roll Balloons you get the economy of “Faster”.  It is a long standing axiom that “Time is money”.  Since Roll Balloons go up faster, you save time and money.
  • With Roll Balloons you get the economy of “Refreshing”.  Even film balloons eventually begin to deflate.  With Roll Balloons it is practical to “refresh” a sagging set of balloons by adding gas to all the balloons at once through a single opening. And, you can do it from the ground without climbing ladders or pulling down your display.
  • With Roll Balloons you can also have the economy of “Recycling”.  It is practical to vacuum out the gas from Roll Balloons and save them for reuse later.  This is rarely practical for sets of individually inflated balloons.



In addition to the advantages to be gained, there are also questions to be answered.  Here are the four most frequently asked questions, so far, about Rouse Roll Balloons.   Chances are good that these questions will come up for you as you consider your plans to use, promote and sell Rouse Roll Balloons.  The numbered questions in bold print are also links to answers.

(1)  What about the California balloon law?   It is not the law in every state, but it is becoming the national standard for safe practices with film balloons.

(2)  What about leaks?   Will a leak in one chamber lead to the loss of gas in all chambers? How do you deal with that risk?

(3)  What about Price?   How much will it cost to get the benefits of Bigger, Easier, Faster, Longer Lasting and Reusable?

(4)  What about competition?  Balloon professionals, in particular, have concerns about losing sales to “Do It Yourself” decorators and their suppliers.



ROLL BALLOONS are not yet in general production and distribution. But, they can be and likely will be put into production and general distribution if you personally and YOU AS A GROUP OF READERS/DECORATORS ask for them.

Tell your family, friends, associates, suppliers and online social and business networks what you want. So few people actually follow through and speak up for what they want that your message will carry much more weight than you imagine. Start right here at the end of this post:

  • Share your desires, comments, questions, suggestions etc. with other readers in the “Leave A Reply” section. On some pages you must use the “Leave A Comment” link instead.
  • Use the convenient “SHARING LINKS” at the end of this article to spread the word about Roll Balloons and how their advantages could benefit you and others.
  • Then, subscribe to Updates from Balloons On A Roll blog at the top of the right hand column. You will receive email notification when new posts are made.
  • And, feel free to write me directly at gmr@rousetech.com or call toll free
    1-877-GO-ROUSE       [1-877-467-6873].


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Your “Balloon Frame Rouse Matrix™, R-E-A-L™ balloon frame shapes, icon animationSuper Center™” with balloon frames in more sizes, shapes, grid patterns and proprietary APPS than anyone else in the Ballooniverse.(http://bvsmall.com)


Thanks for joining me here this time. I look forward to having you back again.

Until then, I remain your host for Balloons On A ROLL blog.

Graham Rouse
Rouse Technologies LLC
“Advancing The Art & Commerce Of Balloons Worldwide”
With Rouse Original Technologies
Clemson, SC USA.
email: gmr@rousetech.com

Copyright 2012-15 by Graham Rouse, Rouse Technologies LLC


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  1. Jr

    Sounds interesting, but being in California our company is a huge supporter of the California Balloon Law. If the film was plastic, that would be good, but I’d hate to see rolls of balloons caught in trees or power lines.


    1. admin

      I am with you, JR!
      ——– I hate to see, even single latex, balloons caught in trees. Strings of latex balloons in trees or on power lines is worse. And, of course, strings of metallic coated film balloons on the loose is really bad.
      ——– I expect that most consumers would purchase relatively short, prepackaged lengths of Roll Balloons. These should have basic weights/anchors built in. And, consumers should be advised on the package and in person of appropriate precautions.
      ——– A heavier weight on each end of a Roll Balloon arch of, say, 9 balloons should be easier to deal with and less expensive than 9 smaller weights attached individually to 9 balloons carried out as a cluster.
      ——– There would then be an “Up Sell” market for specialty or decorative anchors like clips, magnets, bows, flowers, balloon clusters etc.
      ——– The longer Roll Balloons, without built in weights, should be sold only to professionals whom I would expect to sign that
      – – – – – – – – – – they have read and understand the appropriate safety precautions and that
      – – – – – – – – – – they accept liability for what happens to the Roll Balloons they purchase.

  2. Людмила

    Эта идея хорошая. Только мне не понятно из какого материала будут изготовлены шары? И еще хорошо если их можно будет использовать снова как выпустить газ. Сообщите мне все новости по ролл шарам. Полностью поддерживаю эту идею!

    Google Assisted Translation: This idea is a good one. Only I do not understand from what material the balloons will be manufactured? But, it is good if they can be used again. Tell me all the news about the roll balloons. I fully support this idea!

    1. admin


      Thank you for your comments and for your endorsement of this new kind of balloon.

      I expect Roll Balloons to most often be made of the same film as most other non-latex balloons, the shiny ones you see filled with helium and with all the messages printed on them. The same companies would make Roll Balloons as make those shiny balloons.

      This is the right place to get all the news about the roll balloons. If you enter your email address and click on the “EMAIL ME UPDATES” button near the top of the right hand column you will get an email notice of each new article that we publish about the Roll Balloons.

      Переводчик Google: Спасибо за ваши комментарии и за одобрение этого нового типа воздушного шара.

      Я ожидаю, ролл шары к наиболее часто быть изготовлены из того же фильма, как большинство других не-латексные шары, блестящие, которые вы видите, наполненный гелием и все сообщения, напечатанные на них. Те же компании сделают ролл воздушные шары, как сделать эти блестящие шары.

      Это правильное место, чтобы получить все новости о рулон воздушные шары. Если ввести адрес электронной почты и нажмите на кнопку “EMAIL ME ОБНОВЛЕНИЯ” кнопки в верхней части правой колонке вы получите по электронной почте уведомления о каждой новой статье, что мы публикуем о ролл шары.

  3. Diana Litz

    This sounds like an outstanding idea. My concern is say you have a long roll of these balloons and there is a defective one somewhere in the string, or one becomes punctured, etc.. Can you remove one and mend the ends together or would you have to heat seal the new “ends” and tape them together? It could be tragic to be on site and then find out you have an issue with what is supposed to be a really long arch.

    1. admin

      Thanks Diana for your question.

      You have already suggested, what I believe will be, the two most popular solutions.
      1. Cut out the defective balloon and insert a small connector between the open ends. You would then heat seal this connector in place to keep the gas flowing among all the balloons.
      2. Cut out the defective balloon, heat seal the new ends and then connect the new ends to keep the arch in tact. You would then have two Roll Balloons connected to make one arch.

      In anticipation that such a problem will eventually occur, I suggest that you make a practice of cutting your Roll Balloon arches a few balloons longer than you need.
      a. This will give you extra length in case you decide to make your arch a little taller or wider.
      b. This will give you extra length in case you do cut out a balloon.
      c. This will give you extra gas in case of temperature changes or a very slow leak.

      Let me elaborate on “c.”.
      1. TEMPERATURE – If you get a significant drop in temperature from the time of inflation to the time of your event, film balloons will shrivel up a bit and not look as neat as you might like. This can easily occur if your display is outside. It is less likely inside, but we have had that as well. If you have 40 individual film balloons on a line, you have a serious task to detach, add gas and rebuild your whole arch. With Roll Balloons you might just add gas at the last minute through one end.

      There is another option with Roll Balloons to have the Roll Balloons automatically add gas to the weakened arch. If you have extra length in your Roll Balloons, extend that extra length out in a hidden area on the floor. Use large rubber bands or long twistee balloons wrapped tightly around the extra balloons on the floor. The rubber bands will squeeze the balloons and force gas up into the weakened arch. If the temperature goes back up, the expanding gas will be forced back into the extra balloons.

      2. SLOW LEAK – If you have a very slow leak it will be more difficult to identify which balloon to cut out. You may add gas at the last minute to all the balloons at once as we suggested directly above. You may also find it helpful to use the rubber band trick to keep the arching balloons fully inflated during the event despite a slow leak.

      I hope you find these suggestions helpful.

      There are also variations possible in the Roll Balloons themselves to reduce such problems, but that discussion is a bit too much for the comments section.


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