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“Rouse Roll Balloons offer professional entertainers new tools
for instant, reusable staging, giant figures and
new balloon forms to engage audiences.

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TRouse Pre-Linked ROLL Balloon logo/iconHE  TIME  HAS  COME  FOR

This new class of balloons offers professional entertainers new tools for instant, reusable staging, giant figures and new balloon forms to engage audiences.

If you missed the introduction to what Roll Balloons are, we recommend you pause now and read, “Rolling Out Roll Balloons”. It will get you “up to speed”.



Whether your next “gig” is in a private home for a child’s birthday party or in a large auditorium, it would probably be helpful if you had your own instant and reusable staging for your presentation.  If you entertain with balloons, then you surely have the skills to build your own backdrop with balloons along with your balloon props.

But, it really would be nice wouldn’t it, if you could simply shoot the gas to your backdrop and have it up in a few minutes, take it down quickly after the show and have it ready for reuse later?  Roll balloons offer that kind of possibility.

Maybe it is something as simple as four arches behind you like a rainbow.  Shoot the gas to all the balloons in a single arch at one time.  Set the weighted ends on the floor and you are done.

Maybe you prefer something a little more elaborate.  Maybe you use seven Roll Balloon strings of seven balloons each.  Say, four are strings of diamonds and three are strings of circles.  Inflate each string with helium and a weight on only one end of each.  The Roll Balloons stand up side by side to form a decorative curtain behind you.

If you want to invest the time into something more elaborate still, then maybe you take some #260s or #350s and twist them to the Roll Balloon Strings to give it all more of a woven backdrop look.

You could even use the latex balloons to hold the film balloons so that the “front” side of one film balloon shows to the front and then the “back” side of the next film balloon shows to the front.  You could quickly create decorative patterns in your backdrop this way.

I am sure that, as your imagination takes on the challenge, you will create many quick and easy variations.  In each case the Roll Balloons hasten the completion of your backdrop and allow it (or most of it) to be reused later.



If you are someone who has twisted strings of bubbles to make balloon figures, then you have probably considered doing something similar with strings of Bee Body (#321) balloons, Quick Link Balloons or Link-O-Loons.

These short, double ended balloons are not as versatile in terms of the variations possible in the relative size and shape of their bubbles, but they do allow you to up the scale of your balloon figures.  And, I expect you have seen some of the giant dragons and other huge figures made with Link-O-Loons.

Roll balloons will offer you many of the same options only

  • they will inflate much more quickly,
  • they will already be connected
  • they will last much longer
  • many of them may be reused.



Novelty is one of the more engaging aspects of balloon entertainment.  This new kind of balloon that grows so quickly, transforms into such huge figures and lasts so long has built in novelty appeal.

Since Roll Balloons can be so large and are so tough they also offer opportunities for the audience (or selected representatives) to participate in construction of figures using the Roll Balloons.

At a third level, you may extend your audience engagement by leaving a Roll Balloon figure with the audience.  That is, leave one of these large, long lasting figures on display at the school or in the lobby of the institution or arena etc. along with your contract information.

If you want to engage the audience even more, then consider putting up one or more of these long lasting Roll Balloon figures BEFORE for your event to attract attention and prepare the audience to be engaged before you even arrive.




In addition to the advantages to be gained, there are also questions to be answered.  Here are the four most frequently asked questions, so far, about Rouse Roll Balloons.   Chances are good that these questions will come up for you as you consider your plans to use, promote and sell Rouse Roll Balloons.  The numbered questions in bold print are also links to answers.

(1)  What about the California balloon law?   It is not the law in every state, but it is becoming the national standard for safe practices with film balloons.

(2)  What about leaks?   Will a leak in one chamber lead to the loss of gas in all chambers? How do you deal with that risk?

(3)  What about Price?   How much will it cost to get the benefits of Bigger, Easier, Faster, Longer Lasting and Reusable?

(4)  What about competition?  Balloon professionals, in particular, have concerns about losing sales to “Do It Yourself” decorators and their suppliers.



ROLL BALLOONS are not yet in general production and distribution. But, they can be and likely will be put into production and general distribution if you personally and YOU AS A GROUP OF READERS/ENTERTAINERS ask for them.

Tell your family, friends, associates, suppliers and online social and business networks what you want. So few people actually follow through and speak up for what they want that your message will carry much more weight than you imagine. Start right here at the end of this post:

  • Share your desires, comments, questions, suggestions etc. with other readers in the “Leave A Reply” section. On some pages you must use the “Leave A Comment” link instead.
  • Use the convenient “SHARING LINKS” at the end of this article to spread the word about Roll Balloons and how their advantages could benefit you and others.
  • Then, subscribe to Updates from Balloons On A Roll blog at the top of the right hand column. You will receive email notification when new posts are made.
  • And, feel free to write me directly at gmr@rousetech.com or call toll free
    1-877-GO-ROUSE       [1-877-467-6873].


Ballooniverse Mall™

Your “Balloon Frame Rouse Matrix™, R-E-A-L™ balloon frame shapes, icon animationSuper Center™” with balloon frames in more sizes, shapes, grid patterns and proprietary APPS than anyone else in the Ballooniverse.(http://bvsmall.com)


Thanks for joining me here this time. I look forward to having you back again.

Until then, I remain your host for Balloons On A ROLL blog.

Graham Rouse
Rouse Technologies LLC
“Advancing The Art & Commerce Of Balloons Worldwide”
With Rouse Original Technologies
Clemson, SC USA.
email: gmr@rousetech.com

Copyright 2012-15 by Graham Rouse, Rouse Technologies LLC


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