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“Rouse Roll Balloons offer copyrighted design licensors the opportunity to leverage their most valuable design assets into a new class of balloons; one that provides valuable advantages to everyone from licensors and manufacturers to retailers and consumers.

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Rouse Pre-Linked ROLL Balloon logo/iconTHE  TIME  HAS  COME  FOR

If a new balloon configuration has advantages for end users and it has the advantage of improving the profits of each level of the distribution chain, then chances are pretty good that it would be to your advantage to license your most valuable design assets for production and distribution in this new form.

Roll Balloons provide significant advantages

  • to balloon consumers
  • to the Retailers, Decorators and Entertainers that serve them
  • to the distributors that supply them and
  • to the manufacturers that produce the balloons in the first place.

If you missed the introduction to what Roll Balloons are, we recommend you pause now and read, “Rolling Out Roll Balloons”.  It will get you “up to speed”.

CONSUMERS – Whatever your design assets are that have done well in the past, they are likely to do even better when they are provided to consumers in Roll Balloon versions that are BIGGER, EASIER, FASTER, LONGER LASTING and a REPEATING VALUE.

  • BIGGER – Even when Roll Balloons are comprised of the same number and sizes of balloons as more traditional clusters, Roll Balloons give bigger displays because they stretch out and face the viewer.
  • EASIER – Roll Balloons are easier to 1. Inflate, 2. Assemble, 3. Transport, 4. Install and 5. Buy. This is because they are already assembled into strings, inflate all at once, resist tangling, set easily into place and will be conveniently available to buy from local businesses.
  • FASTER – At each point where Roll Balloons are easier they are also faster. They take less consumer time to 1. Inflate, 2. Assemble, 3. Transport, 4. Install and 5. Buy. Consumers get a greater return on their investment of time as well as money.
  • LONGER LASTING – Arches and garlands made from any film balloons naturally 1. Last much longer than those made from latex balloons. Film balloon arches and garlands configured as Rouse Roll balloons have 2. An even longer useful life, because they are so easily refreshed by adding gas to all balloons at once.
  • REPEATING VALUE  — Roll Balloons may be easily deflated and rolled up for reuse later. They give repeated value for one investment in balloons.

RETAILERS, DECORATORS & ENTERTAINERS –  These three groups will be able to serve up your designs in

  • creative new ways
  • on more dramatic scales and
  • with more profit

DISTRIBUTORS – Distributors do well in direct proportion to those below them in the distribution chain.  As consumers turn more and more to these Roll Balloons that provide your images, shapes and messages in forms that are BIGGER, EASIER, FASTER AND LONGER LASTING; then the Retailers, Decorators and Entertainers that serve them and the Distributors that supply them will all be eager for more of the creative designs that you devise.

MANUFACTURERS – The production equipment and skills required by Roll Balloon are only slightly higher that with ordinary, individual film balloons.  But that slight “raising of the bar” is critical. Make sure that manufacturers you select, demonstrate high standards of quality control.

Manufacturers in the USA will be required to have a license to produce Rouse Roll Balloons.  And only Roll Balloons produced under licenses will be allowed for distribution, sale and use in the USA or in other territories where USA patent protections apply.

There is something positive to be said for selecting a manufacturer who has taken the initiative to secure a Roll Balloon license on their own and demonstrated their commitment and competence by producing their own designs in Roll Balloon form.

There is, however, the option for you as a design licensor to secure your own license to produce your designs in Roll Balloon form.  That way you might sub-license a manufacturer of your choosing (potentially even one outside the USA) to manufacture exclusively your designs in Roll Balloon form for sale in the USA.


Since the success of your licensed balloon products is so intertwined with the success of each level of the distribution chain, you may want to take a closer look at the advantages Rouse Roll Balloons bring to each of those levels



Here are the four most frequently asked questions, so far, about Rouse Roll Balloons.   Chances are good that these questions will come up for you as you consider which designs would be best for you to license in Roll Balloon form.  The numbered questions in bold print are also links to answers.

(1)  What about the California balloon law? It is not the law in every state, but it is becoming the national standard for safe practices with film balloons.

(2)  What about leaks? Will a leak in one chamber lead to the loss of gas in all chambers? How do you deal with that risk?

(3)  What about Price?  How much will it cost to get the benefits of Bigger, Easier, Faster, Longer Lasting and Reusable?

(4)  What about competition?  Balloon professionals, in particular, have concerns about losing sales to “Do It Yourself” decorators and their suppliers.



ROLL BALLOONS are not yet in general production and distribution. But, they can be and will be if  YOU AS A LICENSOR authorize your designs for Roll Balloons.  Roll Balloons are not just new shapes, they are a new class of balloons and might appropriately be licensed separately from other classes of balloons.

  • BEST SELLERS – Start with your best selling film balloon designs and license them in Roll Balloon configurations.  Your best selling designs already have an edge in the market. They should sell even better when they are BIGGER, EASIER, FASTER and LONGER LASTING.
  • COORDINATES – Follow up by licensing Roll Balloon designs that coordinate with paper products and popular decorating accessories that you have also licensed.
  • NEW  DESIGNS – Survey your assets for designs that lend themselves naturally to repetition across an arch or garland.


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Thanks for joining me here this time. I look forward to having you back again.

Until then, I remain your host for Balloons On A ROLL blog.

Graham Rouse
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Copyright 2012-15 by Graham Rouse, Rouse Technologies LLC


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