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ROLL Balloon backdrop-room divider made of jewel like inflated chambers

ROLL Balloon backdrop-room divider made of jewel like inflated chambers


Head Photo of Graham Rouse with name underneathRouse Pre-Linked ROLL Balloon logo/icon“Bigger, Easier, Faster, Longer Lasting, Low Cost, Reusable Decorations MadeWithBalloons™ are not so far fetched as you might imagine.”


MadeWithBalloons™ ON A ROLL

Do you wish that you could make beautiful balloon graphic backdrops in one quarter of the time it takes now?

Do You Wish that you could hire much less skilled help and still get professional results?

Do you wish you could take down all those balloons, roll them up, store them away and reuse them later?

Or maybe, such thoughts seem so far fetched that you have not even considered the possibility of them, much less, wished for them. BUT:

  • They are possible.
  • They are worth considering.
  • They are worth wishing for.
  • They are worth watching for.
  • They are worth asking for.


MadeWithBalloons™ ON A ROLL

      • Four elliptical chambers make up each of the roughly square elements connected in long  ROLL Balloon strings for this elegant and glitzy backdrop.
      • It would ordinarily take 360 individual, elliptical balloons to make this design.    ROLL balloons, however, could do it all with only 9 Roll Balloons.
      • With ROLL Balloons you could build this backdrop in much less time than usual and still recover your  Roll Balloons for reuse later.
 As you can see from this example, ROLL Balloons will produce especially dramatic savings in time, energy and labor on larger decorating jobs. 
Small shops become able to take on much larger projects with small staff and relatively unskilled temporary help.
Larger shops become able to provide more decor for the same price and still earn greater profits on those large jobs. Or, they might simply take on more jobs over the same weekend.



The Magic of Rouse ROLL Balloons™ is really quite simple.

Traditional film balloons (on the left) are manufactured one at a time in a series where each balloon is independent of the next.

Animations of Standard Manufacture (on left) and Rouse ROLL Balloon Manufacture (on the right) of film balloons

Animations of Standard Manufacture (on left) and Rouse ROLL Balloon Manufacture (on the right) of film balloons

Rouse Pre-Linked ROLL Balloons are manufactured (on the right) so that each is linked to the next.

The possible variations are quite enormous. The possible benefits, as you can see with the “I + U” balloon graphic, are quite enormous as well.



If a better way to make balloon walls, murals and backdrops was not on your wish list before, it should be there now. But, do not stop there. Stretch your imagination here at Balloons On A ROLL Blog. You will learn more about wonderful possibilities for Advancing Your Balloon Art And Business with ROLL Balloons™.

Your “Wish List” will grow. Your “Watch List” will grow.  And, your “Ask For It” list will grow as well.


Ballooniverse Mall™

Your “Balloon Frame Rouse Matrix™, R-E-A-L™ balloon frame shapes, icon animationSuper Center™” with balloon frames in more sizes, shapes, grid patterns and proprietary APPS than anyone else in the Ballooniverse.(http://bvsmall.com)


Thanks for joining me here this time. I look forward to having you back again.

Until then, I remain your host for Balloons On A ROLL blog.

Graham Rouse
Rouse Technologies LLC
“Advancing The Art & Commerce Of Balloons Worldwide”
With Rouse Original Technologies
Clemson, SC USA.
email: gmr@rousetech.com

Copyright 2013-15 by Graham Rouse, Rouse Technologies LLC


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  1. Joy Stern

    Hello Graham,
    Have the Balloons on a Roll been released? If so, what patterns do you have, where can I buy them and how much are they? I could not find them in your mall.
    Your help is greatly appreciated,
    Joy Stern
    864 230-0321

  2. admin

    Joy, thanks for your interest. There have been copies based on my ideas and patents. I know of some manufactured in Mexico and in Japan, where I do not hold patents. There may be others that I do not know about. None have been authorized yet (September 6, 2013) for production or use in the USA, where I do hold the patent.

    I would certainly like for that to change and to license the manufacture and use of ROLL Balloons in the USA. Your inquiry encourages that to happen sooner rather than later. You may encourage that further by
    (1) Asking balloon distributors for this new kind of balloon
    (2) Asking balloon manufacturers to produce this kind of balloon
    (3) Spreading the word about the possibility of this kind of balloon.
    (4) Sending anyone interested in this kind of balloon to this site and to me
    (5) Sharing, right here, your preferences/priorities about what configurations of Roll Balloons would be most valuable to you.Manufacturers are most likely to produce and distributors to supply those balloons for which they have the most assured market.
    — What shapes would you most like to have in roll balloon form?
    — What colors would be most useful to you?
    — What printed designs would you find most useful?

    You can help to shape what happens and when.

    Graham Rouse
    1-877-GO-ROUSE (877-467-6873)

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