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rouse-pre-linked-roll-balloon-logo-icon-03-150x150WORLD’S LARGEST FLAG MadeWithBalloons™


The Power Point frames shown here are drawn from one of two proposals I made in 2013 to build the world’s largest balloon flag. It was intended for the anniversary celebration of the formation of the United Arab Emirates. As it turned out the project was dropped and no one’s proposal was accepted.

The original request for proposals suggested a flag made with latex balloons, so my first proposal included a giant array of Rouse Matrix Systems™, Expand-And-Load balloon frames to hold the tens of thousands of balloons. We would have used strings of double-ended balloons like Quick Link Balloons™ or Link-O-Loons™ together with RMS™. They would have been exceptionally efficient compared to  more traditional forms of  latex balloon construction.

But, even RMS with Quick Links paled in comparison to Pre-Linked Balloons™ for this project.

The projected costs of material were less, but the estimated costs of labor were dramatically less. Imagine inflating, tying, and loading 38,000 latex balloons compared to placing and securing just 138 strings of 276 Pre-Linked Balloons and then inflating them all at once with electric blowers.

All this is before considering the advantages of using film rather than latex in the desert heat and sand. I have had latex balloons die in 15 minutes when exposed to 90 plus degrees Fahrenheit in the sun here in the southern USA.

Use of continuous blowers eliminated the risk of size changes for standard, sealed film balloons one might expect in the desert from temperature changes between night and day. The continuous blower system also promised to minimize deflation risks from the hundreds of tiny leaks one might expect in the manufacture of 38,000 plus film balloons.

Another big advantage for the customer was the option to deflate, roll up and save the flag for reuse.

There was even the option to order additional Pre-Linked Balloons to add on next year and then the next year, etc. so that at a new world record could be set each year at minimum cost.










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Thanks for joining me here this time. I look forward to having you back again.

Until then, I remain your host for Balloons On A ROLL blog.

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