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ome to Balloons On A Roll blog. This is one of Rouse Technologies LLC.’s blogs dedicated to “Advancing The Art And Commerce Of Balloons Worldwide”. They focus on how YOU as a balloon consumer, retailer, decorator, entertainer, distributor, manufacturer or licensor can take advantage of Rouse Original Technologies to advance your personal balloon art and business.
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Head Photo of Graham Rouse with name underneath

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“Rouse Pre-Linked Roll Balloons offer powerful advantages on basic decorating tasks carried out every day by balloon amateurs and professionals around the world.

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After 28 years of gestation (1987-2015), I believe that the time has come for Pre-Linked Roll Balloons” to come out of the back of my brain, out of the “Brite Ideas” notebook on my shelf, out of the patent office files, out of the manufacturer’s lists of “maybe” projects, out of the market tests by foreign companies and into production and distribution for YOUR use, benefit and profit.  Balloons On A Roll blog is dedicated to making that happen.  With your help, it will happen.

We recommend you start with the introductory article, “Rolling Out Roll Balloons”.  Then move on to the article most related to your role within the balloon industry.

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Rouse Technologies LLC is the the Clemson, SC USA based administrator of six areas of Rouse Original Technologies. The first five are each backed up by a separate Rouse patent in the USA. The sixth is a gathering of a variety of Rouse Additional INnovations (We call them balloon “RAIN“.) that have not been patented.

Each of these six areas of technology and the ways YOU may benefit from them will be the subject of blog threads/categories within JustRouseIt.com/blog. These six areas of Rouse Original Technologies are described briefly below. You may learn more about them, their related patents and the ways you may benefit from them as it is published in the JustRouseIt Blog.  In addition, the Roll Balloon technology has a separate blog: Balloons On A Roll


(1)  (RIBS)  Rouse Internal Balloon Structures
[“Balloon Sculpture from The Inside Out”  –  http://rousetech.com/ribs]

Putting structures inside balloons is an approach to balloon sculpture that was invented and pioneered by Graham Rouse starting in 1983. It was the first of Graham’s seminal innovations for the balloon industry. It has spread around the world and remains the most popular and influential of Rouse innovations.


(2)  (ROLL)  Rouse ROLL Balloon Technologies
[Rolling Out Advances In Film Balloons”  –  http://rousetech.com/roll]

This is the second (1987) major Rouse innovation for the balloon industry, but one of the latest to receive a patent (2009).  It has been the slowest to come out, but I fully expect it to have the greatest long term impact on the commerce of balloons worldwide.


(3)  (REAL)  Rouse Expand-And-Load
[“Expand-It and Load-It to Make-It” – http://rousetech.com/real]

Rouse Expand-And-Load (REAL) is the first (2001 patent) of three Rouse patented technologies involving aperture frameworks (grids) for balloons. It focuses on using balloons (usually in pairs) along with a special kind of “Expand-And-Load” framework.  It is called an “overlapping cut, expandable matrix” framework.  About 150 versions of these Rouse Matrix Systems (RMS)  frameworks are currently available and many more are on the way.


(4)  (RAAD)  Rouse Advanced Aperture Displays
[“Openings For Balloon Imagination” – http://rousetech.com/rapt]

Rouse Advanced Aperture Dispalys (RAAD) is the most comprehensive of three Rouse patented technologies involving aperture frameworks (grids) for balloons.  It was the second of the three to be applied for (April 2000) but the most recent (9 years later) of all the five Rouse patents to be issued (March 2009)

When balloons are held inside the openings
of aperture frameworks by

  • (1) something other than the pneumatic pressure of the balloons expanding outward against the surrounding framework or by
  • (2) that pneumatic pressure plus something else ,

then that balloon display is most likely covered by this Rouse patent.


(5)  (RITA)  Rouse It Through Apertures
[“New Fabrics For Balloon Art” – http://rousetech.com/rita]

Rouse It Through Apertures (RITA) is the third (patent application in 2002; patent issued in 2006) of Rouse Original, aperture framework based technologies.  RITA teaches a new way to “weave” balloons into a wide range of fabrics, textures and structures for balloon graphics, sculpture and decorations.


(6)  RAIN – Rouse Additional INnovations
[Pouring Out Innovations  –  http://rousetech.com/rain]

There are quite a few additional Rouse Original Technologies that have not made their way through the patent process. You will learn here about some of those and how they too can help to advance your balloon art and business..



Graham came to the balloon industry in 1983 with a degree in Psychology from East Carolina University along with membership in several honor societies, a degree in Environmental Design from North Carolina State University and a year of seminary at Duke University.

Graham had experience working as a truck driver, draftsman, designer, book salesman, camp counselor, house master, preacher, teacher and soldier before joining the NC Division of Services for the Blind as a rehabilitation counselor.  He moved to a role as designer and as supervisor in the Randolph Shepard Act Program for the blind in North Carolina.

Graham started in the balloon industry as a twister and entertainer, but his inventions have lead him to spend more time on the decorator side of isle in more recent years.

  • He has five patents on technology for the balloon industry.
  • He has earned 5 international design awards including “Designer Of The Year”.
  • He is one of only a few artists in the world to have a one man, public art gallery exhibit of his balloon work.
  • He has exhibited and taught balloon arts around the world, including sessions with his wife and partner, Mary Queen Rouse, in Japan, Korea, Australia, Brazil, Paraguay, Mexico, Canada, England, France, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Spain & Italy.
  • Graham and Mary Queen have produced their own branded, “RouseABOUT” seminars in the USA, France and Sweeden.
  • They have taught broadly across the USA at regional, national and international conventions including the old NABA conventions, IBAC conventions, Flowers, Inc (Ballooniversity) , IBA convention, West Coast Event, Balloon Camp, All Star Review conventions, and a host of distributor seminars and QBN sponsored events.
  • Graham’s art and instructions have been published around the world including in Images magazine and in Balloons & Parties Today magazine.
  • He was in the first class of CBAs.
  • He has served as an examiner for new CBAs.
  • He has served as an officer in a Qualatex Balloon Network chapter.
  • He has served as a judge for international balloon art competitions

You may learn more of Graham’s personal story and perspective on the balloon industry in his personal blog; Making It With Balloons Blog, A Personal Perspective On Making Things, Making Success And Making A Difference With Balloons.


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