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Aug 13

GOLD DOME MadeWithBalloons™ On A ROLL

——————————— “This international award winner from the 1990s can  be  built  more  quickly  and  easily today  if  we JustRouseIt™ with RMS™ & Pre-Linked Roll Balloons™“  —————————————– START WITH THE BEST! TOP AWARD This large sculpture entry won a top award at the International Balloon Arts Convention. It was a glitzy, space age, 22′ dome of AIR FILLED (no helium required), gold …

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Aug 10

“WISH LIST” – USA FLAG MadeWithBalloons™ On A ROLL

  Flag Of The USA Made With 20 ROLL Balloons _______________________________________________________________ “Bigger, Easier, Faster, Longer Lasting, Low Cost, Reusable Decorations MadeWithBalloons™ are not so far fetched as you might imagine.” ________________________________________________________________ YOUR WISH LIST MadeWithBalloons™ ON A ROLL Do you wish that you could make beautiful balloon flags, backdrops and other graphics in one quarter of …

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